Zaros Boosting updates for season 2019 & Logitech G PRO Giveaway!

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ELO Boosting is one of the shadiest niches online, because there can be many scammers, many people who are claiming to be something they are not, and many unreliable companies which don’t care about their customers.
In such niche it is easy to get new orders from new customers everyday, but what is really hard is to keep a returning customer, because customers usually want to place an order for a division or two and that’s it, there is no long term in the relationship between the boosting company and the customer.
We at Zaros Boosting decided to play it differently than the other companies, most of the other companies put all their resources into bringing new customers, and they don’t care about keeping a returning customer base, we’re doing the exact opposite, we are not focused on bringing new customers, but instead we are focusing on making sure the current customers enjoy their experience as much as possible and help them improve at the game which will increase the chances of them ordering again in the future which will lead to a bigger brand for us and more profit.

Since we always try our best to keep the service updated and meet the demand of the large audience we have, we decided to implement some changes in our system to ensure the best experience for the customers.

This is the list of changes:

All these updates will be rolled out before the 23rd!

  • Improved performance, stability and speed in the website and the members area
  • Added the new ranks and adjusted the prices a little to better fit the market.
  • Updated Riot API to the latest version to make sure the details are updated as soon as possible.
  • Made the order details refresh every 5 minutes instead of 40 minutes.
  • Hired a new group of boosters which we believe are very capable and will live up to the expectations of the good name of us.
  • Increased the booster’s percentage from the orders to ensure their satisfaction and therefore a better performance on our orders.
  • Changed the way boosters get paid from getting paid for the whole order to getting paid per progress which will lead to less commitment from the boosters and faster payments.
  • Added a new system which automatically checks if the booster goes in game or not, if the booster doesn’t go in game for 40 minutes after taking the order it will automatically drop and goes to another available booster which will lead to a lot faster process.
  • Upgraded our supporting staff and we now can assure you 100% that we have a 24/7 Customer Support.

Our to do list for the next update :

  • Allow the customers to assign a specific booster from their members area.
  • Allow the customers to remove their current booster and make the order available for all boosters again.
  • Make an automated system that deactivates the booster’s account if his overall winning ratio goes below 70% from 30 games while boosting.
  • Add boosters profile in the main page alongside their win ratios and their favorite champions.
  • Add discount codes while checking out.
  • Since many customers asked for this, we will be adding our own accounts store soon!

That’s it for this post, if you have anything to add or wish to see in our updates please feel free to tell us on discord, on live support or in the comments section below.

Happy new season for everyone!

As a gesture of appreciation for our great customers and community we are going to be giving away a Logitech G PRO Keyboard for free for a lucky winner. (Shipping included on us to anywhere in the world!)

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The giveaway results will be announced 1 month after the season starts (24 February).

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