What Is League of Legends and How to Get Better At It

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League of Legends is an online video game that puts you in a battle over other players. It contains defensive structures known as towers which you can use to protect yourself against enemies. It has three modes of playing namely Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline and Summoner’s Rift. Let us look at how you can start playing this enjoyable game and how to get better at it.

Have a capable PC

Your PC can determine how you play the game. If you have one that lags or freezes, it makes you lose out on some critical plays. Ensure that your PC lets you play without causing interruptions. It should be able to run LOL naturally.

Upgrade it if this application is not available or get a new laptop. The precision of your mouse can also make you better at the game, so buy a good one. You can even get a headset for the league.

Test out various characters

League of Legends has a lot of positions and characters. It is hard to identify a suitable character without testing multiple types. You can try characters such as the assassins or melee champions as you ask yourself what you like most so that you can settle for one.

Navigate the map frequently

Stay alert on what is happening around you so that you don’t miss out on a crucial event happening off the screen. You don’t want any surprises from your enemy due to the lack of checking the map. This can help you identify opportunities that may be crucial to your team.

Get the right players

A strong team that you are familiar with can help you at your game. Focus on good players who you have played with in the past to make it easy for you to win. Choose players that are patient and not very advanced so that you can all enjoy playing at a basic level.

The more you communicate with your team through voice chats, the high the chances of winning. You can also learn a lot from them as you discuss the strategies to use to win. Ignore any unresponsive people that are not up for voice chats. You can chat with other players through Teamspeak or Skype.

Enhance your flashing skills

You need to master the flashing skill so that your enemies do not attack you. You can be good at it by practices how to flash over the different obstacles in the league. You can start practicing flashing through the sandbox game which teaches you how to flash a lot of times instantly.  Sandbox game helps you learn the safe areas to flash over different walls for you to be a pro at fighting enemies.

Master each champion at a time

Though the league offers a lot of champions, you cannot master all of them at once. Focus on understanding one champion as you acquire different skills from it. Each champion has personalized matchups that you should learn. The fine details you get from learning one position enhances your abilities at the game.

Once you have known how to use one champion, you can teach yourself one more that can become your back-up if your champion is banned from the game. This prevents you from the confusion of using a lot of champions at a go.

Teach yourself how to last hit

Learning the last hitting technique can increase your chances of winning. The sandbox game can help you practice on this.  As you gain experience, focus on the auto attack damage and the attacked minions. The things you learn from your practice can help you save the attacked minions.

Avoid jungling during the first levels

Leave jungling for more experienced players until you have learned the basics. This needs advanced skills and champions that can be complex to a newcomer. You can enjoy jungling at high levels once you have access to in-game devices that are present at low levels.

Make use of new champions

Test out a new character once in a while to learn new skills from it. Champions have different abilities that you can use differently as per the situation at hand. Learning the diverse skills from new champions can help you navigate tough conditions.

Inform others that you are a beginner

Luckily, you will find players that are willing to help any newcomer understand how to handle the game. Inform people that you are still new so that you can get answers to the many questions that you may be having.  

Look for guides on how to handle some characters

A lot of guides exist online on how you can build league characters. Though the game may not have a lot of guiding material, you can get instructions on characters online from Mobafire.

Pay attention

The game takes time, and one distraction can lead to mistakes. Some games may take about an hour without pausing. This means that you should focus on and get rid of any interruptions such as your phone. You don’t want to get suspended from your game right?

Purpose to remain alive

You cannot keep on dying if you expect to go to the next level of the game. Death makes your enemy continue prospering at the game as opponents become more powerful than you. It is better to retreat than keep on dying to avoid the cooldowns that slow your progress.

Do not let death discourage you from getting back on your feet. Respond positively to it as you try to understand what went wrong. The death recap on your screen gives you more information regarding the champions that caused your death. Recognizing trends will help you understand your mistake so that you can avoid it next time.

Final thoughts

League of legends may seem complicated at first, but with the tips above, you will not be a mere player, but an expert within no time. All you need is patience and learning the skills to progress to the next level. You can do it!

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