TFT Ranked Rewards | Season 2019

Teamfight Tactics has definitely gained a lot of attention and hype around it, hence it became one of the most played and viewed games/game modes in the past few months.
Ever since the addition of the ranked mode it has become more competitive than ever and everyone wants to prove himself in this mode.
So, Riot Games like usual decided to announce they will give out Ranked rewards, which will differ based on your rank when the season ends.

How does the Ranked Rewards system work in League Of Legends & TFT?

In this link you can view how Riot Games rewarded the players in the 2018 season, and they will usually go within the same style as they did in the past couple year.

What do we expect for TFT ranked rewards?

Anything we say here is not 100% confirmed other than the fact that there will be ranked rewards, so these are just blind guesses.
We believe there will be a map, icon and a skin for people that placed higher in Gold. Possibly an emote, but not very likely.
We also believe that maybe the top ranking players will get rewarded with a trophy or a medal like they did with the 2016 season.

Read more about how MMR works in LoL & TFT

How to improve my rank so I get these rewards?

Improving your rank means you will have to improve your gameplay, here is a beautifully written guide by “Mobalytics.GG” about how to improve your mentality, which directly improves your gameplay.

The easy way to improve your rank is simply buying a TFT Boost from us, since we are the best at it and we can simply get you to literally any rank, from Iron to Challenger.

Here’s a testimonial for one of our customers after using the TFT Remote Boost option for 2 orders, 1 from Platinum 4 – Platinum 1 , and the other is Platinum 1 to Diamond 4, he just came to the website to let us know what a great job we have done with it.

A chat between our customer support and a TFT Bostee.

We will always keep this article updated as soon as we have new information about the TFT Ranked rewards!

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