Sett Calling Card Secret Mission in LoL : What is it & How to get it

Sett Champion next to Sett's Calling Card

Sett has been announced to be one of the newest champions coming to League Of Legends on the date of 14 January 2020.

Ever since Riot Games has announced that Sett is actually going to be released, people started getting weird emails with cards that demonstrates the champions abilities.

Sett Abilities Cards

That was all good until someone randomly opened a super secret mission in LoL named “Sett Calling Card“, so in this article we will explain what the Sett Calling Card mission is, how to get it and even tips to get it quicker than everyone else.

What is the Sett Calling Card mission?

It is basically a mission where you will have to get first blood (first kill of the game, not an assist) in TEN different games.
This works in matchmaking PvP game modes (ARAM, Normal, Flex 5v5), however, for some strange reason it doesn’t work in Ghost Poro mode.

Sett's Calling Card in Loot

What is the reward for Sett Calling Card mission

When you successfully get 10 first bloods, LoL gives you a weird loot item which is called “Sett’s Calling Card” and its description is ” Gained by impressing Sett. Openable on January 14th, 2020 at 7.00 pm GMT.”

We don’t know what this card will be doing or what will happen once we open it, but we will keep you updated should we know any new information about it.

15th Of January Update: The Sett’s Calling Card Mission is announced what it does : it gives Sett as a free Champion without having to buy him for Blue Essence or RP!

Tips & Tricks to complete the Sett’s Calling Card mission quickly.

Some websites like MyBoosting.GG offer a service where they will complete the whole mission for you for a very small fee, hit them up to get the Sett Calling Card mission done ASAP!

  1. Play Normal Games in Summoners Rift.
    Playing ARAM is definitely a faster first blood, but the chances of you getting it is lower than Normal SR Games.
  2. Pick a very strong early game champion.
    When you do such a mission you need to pick a champion that has a strong early game to be able to get it. (Jayce,Akali, Talon, Elise, Varus).
  3. Do not play support.
    Self explanatory, when you play support the chances of you getting first blood gets slimmer naturally.
  4. Play aggressive and do not die first blood so you don’t give enemies free Sett’s Calling Card. 🙂
  5. Use a boosting service.
    Yes, there are some boosting services out there that are actually willing to do this mission. like MyBoosting.GG

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