MyBoosting.GG – New Boosting service in the market.

Just a few weeks ago we have stumbled upon a new boosting website called MyBoosting.GG, it looked very promising and their User Interface looked amazing and very appealing to the eyes.

We always study our new competitors, but this one looked different and in this article we will be breaking down what’s different in this new boosting website.

Transparency and Ease of Use

MyBoosting.GG FAQ

The first thing we looked at was how smooth their website, members area and the ordering place is. They pretty much provided every single piece of information on their ordering page for customers to feel safe when ordering and to be able to easily trust the website.

Their ordering page and process seems to be very straight forward and non complicated, which we really liked about their website, and we will be breaking down some of their featured services on their website.

Rainbow Six Siege Boosting

Rainbow Six Siege Boosting is a boosting service for one of the most loved games, and one with a very big loyal fanbase due to how enjoyable and fun to play this game, the mechanics involved in the game that separates it from the typical FPS/Shooter games, R6 Boosting became very popular because the R6 community is very competitive which means they need a boosting service!

Dota 2 Boosting

Dota 2 Boosting / Dota 2 MMR Boosting is another boosting service, very similar to League Of Legends’ due to how similar these 2 games are and they are the best in their Genre – MOBA -The most important quality when it comes to Dota 2 Boosting is safety, which MyBoosting.GG assured to us it’s the first thing taken into consideration when they were working on their service.

Apex Legends Boosting

Apex Legends Boosting is a newly introduced boosting service to the boosting market for the game Apex Legends, the one that caught a lot of attention and was a FOTM game for a while, it is still very popular and has a big fan base, that’s why websites like MyBoosting.GG introduced their Apex Legends Boosting services.

Rocket League Boosting

Rocket League Boosting is also for a loved game, its availability on the 3 different platforms made it gain a lot of popularity and quickly became one of the most played casually and competitive games in the gaming scene, so that means a boosting service is also needed in such a competitive/casual game that is available on different platforms.

Overwatch Boosting

Overwatch is known to be one of the most competitive games until now, with the upcoming release of Overwatch 2 everyone is trying their best to achieve a high rank in Overwatch to serve them as some sort of legacy when Overwatch 2 comes up, consider getting an Overwatch Boosting as soon as possible from MyBoosting.GG to make sure you get your rank before it’s too late.

League Of Legends Boosting

Everyone knows what League Of Legends Boosting is, it’s simply the process of hiring someone of greater skill than your current rank to boost your rank and help you climb the ranks in the ladder at a much faster pace and with very ease in League Of Legends.

It’s usually referred to as ELO Boosting or LoL Boosting.

Teamfight Tactics Boosting

Even though its a universally agreed fact that Zaros Boosting is the best when it comes to TFT Boosting, MyBoosting.GG actually surprised us, and we can confidently say their TFT Boosting quality maybe could, just maybe be on par with our TFT Boosting service, period.

CSGO Boosting

If you are trying your best to climb the ranks in CSGO and finally achieve Global Elite, you really should look no further than MyBoosting.GG, their CSGO Boosting service is the best we have come across after studying dozens of our competitors, they take safety very seriously and are dedicated to making the whole CSGO boosting experience unique, fun and transparent.

MyBoosting.GG Logo


After studying the services of MyBoosting.GG and trying a few of them, we can confidently say they are a very good boosting service that is worthy of being trusted with your accounts, money and time. They will not let you down.

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