Is Teamfight Tactics Ripe For Franchise Adaptations?

Teamfight Tactics is still brand new, with patches and bug fixes still coming out, and players still getting used to the new format. Right now, it’s functioning as Riot Games’ newest expansion of League Of Legends, and it’s already proven to be a thrilling round-based strategy game. What may be most interesting about it though in the age of “battle royale” gaming is what kind of potential it might have beyond League Of Legends.

That is to say, what if Teamfight Tactics could be applied to other franchises and game series as a sort of alternative game mode? Just as we’re already beginning to see other combat-driven series adapting the battle royale mode made popular by games like Fortnite and PUBG, it’s at least conceivable that Teamfight Tactics could be applied to other games. Games with strategy or combat components, or even just enough characters to be of interest in this sort of turn-based, confined battle mode, could all make use of the idea.

Consider just a few potential examples, and you begin to see the potential for this Riot innovation to take off:

  • World Of Warcraft – World Of Warcraft and League Of Legends are of course very different games. In terms of popularity, character depth, and team-building components, however, one could be forgiven for putting them in the same category. And because Teamfight Tactics is in and of itself a new game mode – neither an RPG nor a typical MOBA – it’s fair to say it could work with Warcraft as well. In fact, one could imagine droves of Warcraft fans being thrilled by the idea of bottling up some of their favorite types of characters in this kind of quick-play, arena-style team combat.
  • Game Of Thrones – Game Of Thrones has, quite simply, had a tough time of it in gaming. A small handful of mobile games have been flatly disappointing; console adaptations are hardly worth mentioning. Indeed the only Thrones game that feels true to the series is a relatively minimalist arcade that exists among the top slot games on U.S. sites. It’s a nice slot reel, but not the full game Thrones fans are waiting for. Teamfight Tactics might not present that full game either, but one has to figure innumerable fans of the show would enjoy being able to draft characters from the epic fantasy to battle opponents in a close-quarters arena.
  • Super Smash Bros. – Smash Bros. doesn’t really need a new format or any sort of twist. By all appearances it’s as popular as ever, and it has a different way of staying fresh, in that there are always new characters being added to the games’ rosters. Nevertheless, there are so many of those characters at this point that a Teamfight Tactics game could actually work quite well. Selecting a team from the endless roster of Smash Bros. characters to brawl more strategically in an arena setting would be a blast. One could almost imagine it as a standalone mobile game by Nintendo (which, incidentally, has gotten in on mobile gaming).
  • Pokémon – The Pokémon franchise has actually branched out quite a bit of late, and the forthcoming Nintendo Switch title, Pokémon Sword & Shield, is expected to be the biggest game yet. Even with things going well for everyone’s favorite imaginary creatures though, a roster-building strategy game in a Teamfight Tactics format would actually represent something new. It would be one more way of setting Pokémon trainers against each other to battle, and one has to believe fans would embrace it.

This may all be fairly unlikely. But it’s exciting to think about this game mode branching out to affect other popular video games.

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