How to Fix Chat & Friends list bug in League Of Legends season 2020

It is no secret now how bugged and messy the chat & friends list in League Of Legends is, so we have found a very good solution the chat & friends bugs to be able to enjoy socializing in League Of Legends

League Of Legends 2020 Chat & Friends List Bug

The solution is very simple, but it requires a third party application which is approved by riot, it will be the same application we used in our guides before to Appear Offline (Deceive).

Here are the steps to fix your chat & League Of Legends friends list.


  • Download The latest version of Deceive.
  • Launch The Application.
  • Choose The Location Of Your League Of Legends Client.
  • Change your status in game from Offline to Online.

Bingo! That’s it, your League Of Legends chat is fixed and you now can see your friends list, talk to them, accept friend requests, and do anything you want with your friends!

How Does it Work?

We believe the problems might be with how League Of Legends is rerouting their chat servers, Deceive works by closing connection with one of the chat servers that League Of Legends uses, so by closing connection with it, the problem becomes fixed and you will be back to socializing again!

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