How to Appear Offline (Be Invisible) on League Of Legends

Appear Offline League Of Legends

Appearing offline in League Of Legends is in our opinion a very important feature or mode to have.

Sometimes you don’t want to Duo Q with that friends that keeps inting your games and make it easier to carry in your LoL games, that you would just want to avoid him without having to tell him that he sucks, ignoring a stalker, or just avoiding some unneeded chats.

Annoyed person

Riot Games ( The developing company for League Of Legends) for some reason kept ignoring the audience’s request of having this appear offline feature/mode.

So we decided to find a solution ourselves and share it with our amazing audience. (UwU)
We have found 2 methods to do that, we will be sharing both methods with you in this article, and this is the first method ( The a little complicated one)

How to Appear Offline on League Of Legends?

  1. Enable & Turn on your windows firewall.
  2. Open command prompt (CMD) as administrator.
  3. Copy this rule netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteip= protocol=TCP action=block.
  4. Paste this rule in command prompt

The above steps are to show how to use the LoL appear offline mode for North America server, if you want to use it for another server you will have to change the part that has the numbers with your server’s IP.

To check your League Of Legends chat server IP you will need to do the following steps :

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type this command, if it doesn’t work try changing the “1” to “2”.
  • Copy the IP Address you are getting reply from.
  • Use it in the first command prompt.

The second method (doesn’t work consistently).

This was it for our guide, hope you enjoyed and use it to avoid being put in awkward situations again!

PS: All our boosters use offline mode while working on all LoL Boosting orders!

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