FPX 2020 World Skins in LoL

In recent days, Doinb confirmed on stream that the FPX skins would be Gangplank, Lee Sin, Malphite, Vayne, and Thresh. Gangplank and Lee Sin is GimGoon and Tian’s most played champion, with a total number of six games having 83 percent and 66.7 percent win rate. Crisp has played Thresh four times and had a win rate of 100 percent. LWX also has a winning percentage of 100 percent, with Vayne playing two matches.


After a decisive victory of FunPlus Phoenix’s win over G2 Esports in League of Legends World Championship finals, the team has announced their preferred champions which they would like to see become their World skins in the future. Like the previous victories in the Summoner’s cup, each team every year gets skins for their champions of optioned to seal their tradition, and FPX will be next to collect them.

In a press conference ensuring their victory, FPX players were questioned by the members of the press which champion they would like to see wear the FPX logo. The player’s answers provided us some information about which champion they would pick for the meantime.

Below is the list of the champions:

  1. Gao ‘’Tian’’ Tian-Liang: Lee sin
  2. Liu ‘’Crisp’’ Qing-Song: Thresh
  3. Lin “LWX” Wei-Xiang: Vayne/Kai’sa
  4. Kim “GimGoom: Han-saem: Gangplank

Doinb was the only player who didn’t give a direct answer. He said that he wanted to question his fans, what they wanted to see his choice before coming to a conclusion.


After a few months, Malphite was the most astonishing one, which was approved by Doinb himself. He also played eight contrasting champions with six Ryze games and one Malphite game. He optioned Malphite because his wife can only play Malphite. He also said in the stream that ‘’the coolest Malphite skin ever’’ and ‘’I have told Riot that they must add the dance move in the skin.’’

The best players choose champions they have played several times during Worlds 2019. Kim ‘’GimGoon’’ Han –Saems GangPlank was his preferred one while Gao ’’Tian’’ Tian-Liang’s was the Lee-Sin’s choice that provided him with the MVP award. Lin ‘’LWX’’ Wei –Xiang and Liu ‘’Crisp’’ Qing-Song approved Vayne and Thresh for their specific champion skins. Nevertheless, the idol player, Doinb, had a disparate concept. He just played Malphite one time at Worlds against GAM sports.

As analyzed by the Chinese LoL star, he chose Malphite for his wife, because this pick is one of the few champions she uses while playing League of Legends. DoinB also expressed that he chose Malphite because from this, many other players could use his skin, given how accessible and mechanically uncomplicated Malphite is, meaning even some less-skilled players will get to like the FPX-themed Malphite skin.

Although the champions have been preferred, the fans would have to wait for the next summer season to get their hands on their preferred skins. 

What do you think of the selected champions? Who would you have preferred them to picked?

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